Ammunition Disposal

The works to establish the Ammunition Disposal Center have been initiated in 2004.
In 2008, the Ammunition Disposal Center under the State Company UKROBORONSERVICE came up to full capacity.
To carry our works, Ammunition Disposal Center has:
1. Its own production facilities;

2. Permission from the State Industrial Supervisory Body of Ukraine to perform the hazardous works related to ammunition disposal;
3. License from the Ministry of Industrial Policy of Ukraine for ammunition disposal;
4. License from the State Industrial Supervisory Body of Ukraine for production of industrial explosives.
5. DEKRA Sertifikation Sp.zo.o Certificates for conformity of ammunition disposal facilities and conversion explosives production with ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14000:2004 requirements (Quality Management System and Environment Management System).


The Ammunition Disposal Center performes the following activity:
100 - 5000kg TNT-based air bombs disposal;
TNT-based projectiles and mines disposal;

RDX slab based projectiles (APT, HEAT, HE) disposal;

Grenade launcher rounds disposal;
Unguided aircraft rockets disposal (UAR S-5, S-8);
Special cartridges and mines disposal;
Propellant charges dismantling;
Small calibre ammunition disposal;

Small arms cartridges disposal;

Thermal destruction of cartridge primers, fuses, tracers, blow-out charges, etc;
Rounds disassembling into components.

Production facilities enable to dispose the following types of ammunition:

1. 76, 85, 100, 122, 152, 203mm TNT-based artillery ammunition
2. 37, 57, 76, 85, 100, 115, 122, 125, 152mm RDX separately slab packaged, with HEAT projectile artillery ammunition
3. 40, 58.3, 73mm grenade-launcher rounds
4. 100, 115, 125mm ammunitions with APFSDS projectile
5. 122, 152mm special-purpose ammunition (shrapnel shell, illuminating, agitation)
6. 20, 23, 25, 30mm small calibre ammunition
7. 5.45, 7.62, 9, 12.7, 14.5mm small arms cartridges and detonation means (primer bushings, fuses, tracers)
8. 37-115mm artillery rounds
9. Propellant charges to 37-152mm artillery shells
10. Unguided aircraft rockets (UAR S-5, S-8)

The Ammunition D3 Center production capacity
1. Air bombs - up to 1,600 tons per year
2. TNT projectiles - up to 4,000 tons per year
3. RDX projectiles - up to 1,500 tons per year
4. Special projectiles - up to 4,000 tons per year
5. APFSDS projectiles - up to 700 tons per year
6. Small arms cartridges - up to 640 tons per year
7. Small calibre ammunition - up to 840 tons per year
8. Detonation means (primer bushing, fuses, tracers, ignition cartridge) - up to 1,500 tons per year
9. Rounds disassembling into components - 5,000 tons per year
10. Unguided aircraft rockets (UAR S-5, S-8) - from 124 tons per year to 348 tons per year
11. Grenade launcher rounds - 423 tons per year


State Company UKROBORONSERVICE is experienced in establishing same production facilities outside of Ukraine:
The ammunition disposal equipment was supplied to Kazakhstan in 2005 and commissioned in 2006.
The ammunition disposal facilities have been established in Georgia in 2007 by OSCE programme.
Over a period of 2004-2009, UKROBORONSERVICE disposed 31,377.6 tons of ammunition by agreements with Ukrainian MoD. In 2009-2011, UKROBORONSERVICE disposed 15,000 tons of ammunition by NAMSA contract in Ukraine. In 2012, UKROBORONSERVICE disposed 16,747.9 tons of ammunition by agreements with Ukrainian MoD and NAMSA contract.