The maintenance of radar and ADS equipment


IWT center

The efficiency of solving tasks concerning the support of air defense arms nomenclature in battle readiness, its modernization and extension of designated indices after the repairs is possible by combining the efforts of state enterprises, special exporters, scientific institutions, enterprises with private ownership.

On the basis of the State Enterprise "Ukroboronservice" an IWT production center has been created in Ukraine in 2001. SE "Ukroboronservice" has a license from the Ministry of Industrial Policy of Ukraine № 327259 dated on 07.11.2007, concerning the maintenance of radar equipment, automation control devices and air defense launchers.

IWT center is equipped with modern standard and specialized equipment to perform the average technical repair and other types of repair of radar equipment of the 3rd and 4th generation of SMP, RTV, air defense nomenclature, namely:

  • KPS 5N83S
  • KSA "Osnova"
  • KSA "Baikal-1"
  • CSA "Pole"
  • 5ZH15S (S-300PS)
  • 5ZH15-1 (S-300PT)
  • "Buk-M1"

In 2004, IWT center of SE "Ukroboronservice" began to carry out works for the average repair by the technical condition of 5ZH15S, 5ZH15-1 serving the interests of Ukrainian Ministry of Defence and other countries.

In the design-engineering bureau of the IWT Center repair and technological documentation is accumulated in sufficient quantity for the items 5ZH15S, 5ZH15-1, "Buk-M1", S-300V1, KPS 5N83S, KSA "Pole", which allows to perform their average repair on the technical condition with the resource extention. 

In the staff of IWT experienced professionals are currently working and they have a deep theoretical background as well as substantial practical experience in service, repair of weapons of SMP and air defense nomenclature.

IWT center jointly with enterprises of Ukraine is taking measures in order to improve the existing system of maintenance of items 5ZH15S (5ZH15-1) regarding modernization of small units, components, machinery and other component parts of items to improve theirs reliability.