Humanitarian Demining Courses

Humanitarian Demining Courses


UKROBORONSERVICE State Company provides services in the field of specialists training in humanitarian demining based on the License of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine issued on May 18, 2015 No.636517 in accordance with International Mine Action Standards (IMAS) in the following areas:

- EOD level 1, 2, and 3 specialist;

- IEDD Specialists;

- C-IED Specialists;

- Mine/ERW education;

- Programs specially developed on demand of the Customer.


During the training, many years of experience gained through participation in state and international humanitarian demining programs in Ukraine, Libya, Somalia, Mali, Kenya, Iran, Lebanon and others are used. If necessary, the program adapts to the needs of the customer.


Scope of Training

The Center for Humanitarian Demining performs courses in the following areas:

- EOD level 1;

- EOD level 2;

- EOD level 3;

- IEDD specialist;

- CIED specialist;

- Mine/ERW Risk Education (MRE).


The training methods involve the following stages:

Stage 1 - Introduction;

Stage 2 – Classroom lectures and seminars (discussion of new content);

Stage 3 - Practical drills at training field in conditions close to real;

Stage 4 – Evaluation of knowledge and skills by written tests and practical tasks execution;

Stage 5 is permanent refresher of the studied content.


In order to improve the acquired theoretical knowledge, at the final stage of training, practical exercises are conducted with the use of explosives, explosive accessories, and explosive devices.


During these drills, the Trainees will practically set network using time fuse, detonating cord, initiate the TNT/plastic explosive charge by electric/non-electrical methods and destroy the explosive ordnance.



 Training Centre


The Training Centre is located on the territory of the company.

It consists of:

- specially equipped class room,

- training field on the territory of SC Ukroboronservice, and

- demolition site.





The classroom is designed to train group of up to 30 trainees. Equipped with training venues, multimedia system, visual materials, training dummies, samples of specialized search equipment, samples of protective equipment and other property used during training.



The training equipment used during practical classes is both visual material and working equipment .

It includes a wide range of explosive items (mines, grenades, shots, air bombs, improvised explosive devices), explosive devices (dummies of explosives and blasting devices), search tools (metal detectors of known manufacturers, detectors of ferromagnetic bodies, frame detectors, georadars), specialized equipment (individual and group demolition kits, countermeasures sets for IED, evidence collection kits) and necessary medical equipment.