Humanitarian demining

«... Mine action refers to those activities which aim to decrease the social, economic and environmental impact of landmines and Explosive Remnants of War (ERW) including unexploded sub-munitions. The objective of mine action is to reduce the risk from landmines and ERW to a level where people can live safely; in which economic, social and health development can occur free from constraints imposed by landmine and ERW contamination.»

International Mine Action Standards - IMAS

State Company UKROBORONSERVICE takes an active part in UN mine action international projects and is an active party in the market of services related to clearance of territories contaminated with landmines and UXO.
1. Personnel of Humanitarian Demining Centre
The Humanitarian Demining Centre numbers highly skilled managers and solves the issues related to:
1. Evaluation and survey of territories contaminated with landmines and UXO;
2. Planning and accreditation of humanitarian demining operations;
3. Clearance of territories contaminated with landmines and UXO by all possible means and methods in accordance with IMAS;
4. Performed works quality assurance;
5. Preparation and release of cleaned territories and objects to customers;
6. Qualified support and direct disposal and demilitarization of ammunitions and explosive materials;
7. Supply and maintenance of special engineering equipment;
8. Supply of explosive materials and detonation means.
2. Licences
Quality Management in humanitarian demining is certified for compliance with the international standards ISO 9001: 2008 Certificate №320712065 and international standards ISO 14001: 2004 Certificate №440712066 in the system DEKRA Certification Sp. zo.o.



All works related to Mine Action, Quality Control, Monitoring System and Reporting are performed in strict compliance with the International Mine Action Standards (IMAS).
















 State Company UKROBORONSERVICE is an official supplier of humanitarian demining services for the United Nations Organization, registration number 113908, accreditation number UNOPS/MAU/015/2008.

3. Capabilities

State Company UKROBORONSERVICE together with Demining Centre of Ukrainian Ministry of Defence provides specialist training to conduct humanitarian demining missions by the following qualifications:

- Level 1 and 2 Deminer;
- Level 1, 2, 3 and 4 EOD specialist (EOD-1, EOD-2, EOD-3); 

- MDD handler;

- IED specialist.


Training Facility

Demining Center has suitably qualified and experienced staff that undertake the development, delivery and monitoring of the following specialists courses:

- Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Courses
• EOD-1,2,3,& 4 Courses
• Humanitarian Demining Course for Operators
• Humanitarian Demining for Supervisors and Managers
• UXO Deep Search Detection Course

- Improvised Explosive Device Disposal (IEDD) Courses
• IEDD Course
• Advanced IEDD Course

- Other Specialist Operator Training Courses
• Basic MDD Course
• Advanced MDD Course
• Pre-Deployment Course for UN Missions
• Bomb Threat Management & Emergency Planning


 Field training



Specialized armored vehicle for pyro­te­ch­nic teams designed to transport un­ex­ploded mines and improvised explo­sive devices.

The first batch of such ve­hciles is manu­fac­tured by the order of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine and is intended for using in the combat actions at the East of Ukraine.



Wheel drive



9500 kg


6310 mm


2325 mm

Height max.

2555 mm

Road Clearance mm


Engine: type, volume

POWER STROKE, diesel (gazole) 6,7 l


300 hp.


895 N*m


6R140W  automatic

Seating capacity



Ballistic protection

STANAG level 1

Capacity of fuel tanks L,

151, 106

Сruisingrange km


Board power supply V



12 V, 200 A


It is a specialized modifi­cation of the light utility armored vehicle «Kozak-5», that al­so based on the Ford F550 chassis. The con­stru­ctive difference lies in a longer whe­el­­base and the special design of bo­dy, that allows to withstand the blast wave in the event of unsuspected explosion of mines/IEDs that are transported.

Also, vehicle has technical compartment for special tools of pyrotechnic team.


Armored excavator for mine clearing teams.

Is the armored version of regular civilian excavator, but with a cabin made of armor steel and installed instead original cabin, and also with armoring of some key technical systems of excavator.

In addition, the modification of the bucket of the excavator was made - 24 vertical steel ribs were installed inside the bucket. Together ribs forms a special construction, similar to the whale baleen. Using it, the excavator "sieve" the ground, leaving only fragments of bombs and unexploded explosive devices in the bucket.



Can be produced on basis of any serial-produced excavator.

DOZOR-M Armoured Vehicle with Antimine Protection

Developped and designed for transportation of personnel engaged in demining missions. Reinforced floor pan and body armour protect the crew against explosion of antipersonnel mine, shrapnel shells and small arms bullets. Made in Ukraine.

Performance characteristics
Length - 5200cm, Width - 2400cm
Weight - 7800kg
Engine - 4.0 L, Diesel
Maximum speed - 105 kmph
Number of crew - 7

KOZAK Armoured Vehicle with Antimine Protection

Developped and designed for transportation of personnel engaged in demining missions. Reinforced floor pan and body armour protect the crew against the explosion of mines with trotyl equivalent up to 3kg, shrapnel shells and small arms bullets. Made in Ukraine.


Performance characteristics
Length - 5675cm, Width - 2200cm, Weight - 5500kg
Engine - 3.0 L, Diesel.
Maximum speed - 120 kmph
Number of Crew - 5 or 10, depending on package option

Fast Response Vehicle

 Fast Response Vehicle is designateded for various mine action tasks, as well as for emergency cases and can be used for rendering the first aid while transporting an injured person to a hospital.

Number of Crew - 5-7 people: crew leader, medical assistant, driver, 3-5 deminers.

The vehicle is equipped with:
- Mine detectors, bomb detectors, light and heavy personal protection kits, UXO transportation, removal and demolition kit.


TRIMBLE 5600 Optical Positioning System

The TRIMBLE 5600 provides for geographical and angular positioning on the territory without physical presence of a person at the points of positioning.


State Company UKROBORONSERVICE uses detectors produced by globally recognised brands such as: Vallon, CEIA, Ebinger and Saab.

EL 1303D2 Bomb Detector Vallon
Compact Difference Magnetometer to detect lying deep UXO.
• Comfortable land survey
• No sensor adjustment required
• Software suite
• Weight - 4 kg
• Depth of search - up to 5 m
• Visual and audio indication

Mine Detector Vallon VMH2.1

Mine Detector designed for the location of mines and unexploded ordnances in the ground.
Weight: 3.1 kg
Speed of search 0,2-1,5 м/сек
Operational temperature 0°C up to +55°C
Depth of search: up to 125 sm

Mine Detector CEIA Mil D1

Mine Detector CEIA Mil D1 for the location of mines and unexploded ordnances in the ground.

Weight: 3.2 kg
Speed of search 0,2-1,2 м/сек
Operational temperature 0°C up to +65°C
Depth of search: up to 45 sm

Demolition Kit



 Deminers Kit


 Devices for UXO removal

 Devices for UXO transfer

 Personal Protective Equipment

 It provides the frontal body protection by 1-2 m distance from the shells with weight 1,03g, speed up to 450 mps.
 Size - 166-194 cm
 Weight - 3,8 ± 0,3 kg
 Operating temperature range - -40ºC - +40ºC
 protective apron


It provides frontal protection of the head, body, groin, hip from by 1-2 m distance from the shells with weight 1,03g, speed 450 mps.
 Size - 166-194 cm.
 Weight - 4,2 ±0,3 kg.
 Operating temperature range -40ºС - +40ºС

Components :
 protective jacket
 protective shorts
 protective helmet


It provides frontal protection of the head, body by 1 m distance against the F-1 grenade shells (weight - 1 g, speed 560 mps).
 Size - 157-203 cm
 Weight - 25-30 kg
 Operating temperature range: -40ºC - +40º
 Suit (jacket, trousers


It provides the frontal body protection from the shells with weight 1,3g, speed up to 450 mps.
 Size - 176-190 cm
 Weight - 6,0 ± 0,3 kg
 Operating temperature range - -40ºC - +40ºC
 protective apron
 protective helmet with visor


4. Logistics and Administration
State Company UKROBORONSERVICE provides all necessary equipment and vehicles required for mine actions, including field camps for personnel, food, water, fuel, as well as storage of all the necessary spare parts and equipment.
The UKROBORONSERVICE principle of operation is 100% self-sufficiency with minimum support from the Customer. All teams are able to perform operations independently, including accomodation, food etc.
State Company UKROBORONSERVICE can independently organize and deliver the property and equipment from Ukraine to mine action regions.
The remuneration of labour is provided according to the established standards, taxes, charges etc. of the country of humanitarian demining project.
Any issues related to visa issuance, custom procedures and other frontier procedures are handled with minimum support from the Customer.
Management Personnel
Most of the management personnel are the former Engineering Corps officers.
All of them have undergone additional courses in humanitarian demining and obtained the professional level 3 EOD according to IMAS.
Furthermore, they are experienced in commercial projects and humanitarian operations performed under the auspices of the United Nations Organization in such countries as Congo, Angola, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Western Sahara, Ethiopia et alia.


To manage the landmines and UXO clearance process, State Company UKROBORONSERVICE uses the up-to-date communication means enabling to react promptly to various situations and to make right decisions.

Usage of HF and VHF radio stations, satellite communication and internet connection, mobile and stationary telephone network ensures a reliable communication of Project Manager with Supervisors at sites and Company Leadership.

Medical Support
Medical Support is provided in accordance with IMAS 10.40. Each team will be provided minimum with one medical assistant, ambulance and first aid kit.
Furthermore, at the initial stage of the project, the evacuation plans, both medical and in case of emergency, are worked out and approved by local authorities.

Personnel Accommodation
As a rule, personnel is accommodated in field camps or rented premises. For today, the personnel engaged in UKROBORONSERVICE current projects is accommodated in equipped inhabitable containers with air conditioning and water supply system constucted in conformity with all sanitary standards.

Explosives for Demolition Works
State Company UKROBORONSERVICE has opportunity and is able to provide mine action projects with its own explosives and detonation means, including their airlifting to mine action area.
5. Mine Action Projects Execution

Technical Reconnaissance
Technical reconnaissance is an important stage of mine action process and performed to get the maximum detailed technical and topographic information on mined lands or areas contaminated with UXO.
The main task of technical reconnaissance is to determine the accurate position data of area to be demined, climate conditions, soil and vegetation characteristics. All this information will enable to clear the territory from landmines and UXO more effectively and safely.

Manual Demining
In the process of manual demining, the detectors to determine the areas contaminated with mines or UXO are used, as well as special tools and equipment for neutralization, extraction and destruction.

Each specialist surveys a certain lane to search for UXO. As soon as UXO is detected, he identifies the found object and determines a method for its destruction. The majority of detected UXO is destroyed on-site.


Canine-Assisted Demining
To search for UXO, the mine detection dogs are used.
Mine detection dogs are used to checkup the roads, buildings and transport means.

Mechanical Demining / Clearance
Mechanical demining equipment is used on territories with dense vegetation to increase the demining process as well as to determine the mined land borders.

Standard Operating Procedures
Standard Operating Procedures are subject to be developed for each specific task and modified in the process of its execution. The principal criterion of procedures setting is the conformity with the international and national standards for humanitarian demining, as well as the customer requirements.

Quality Control Management
The Quality Control is achieved by development and implementation of management process, elaboration and maintenance of specialists professional level, accurate and objective evaluation of the whole scope of works, already done and to be done, observing the safety rules and using high-quality equipment.
The Quality Control is imposed on a Project Manager who in cooperation with a Customer, supervisory bodies and local authorities is also obliged to run the project so that it corresponds to all requirements and standards. As a rule, a Group Manager or a Project Manager Technical Adviser is the main executor of quality control tasks at demining sites.
Quality Control Methods
• Selection, training and examination of personnel to be engaged in mine action activity.
• Direct control at demining sites executed both by a Project Manager and third-party companies.
• Selective method for cleaned territories quality control performed by third-party companies.
• Close cooperation with third-party companies determined by the Customer for quality control procedures.
• Usually, the internal control is organized by a Group Manager who inspects on his own not less than 10% of the cleaned areas, keeps systematic records, prepares and submits a whole set of documents and materials.
Interaction with Local Authorities
Cooperation with local authorities and communities is the key for successful demining. A specialist responsible for such cooperation coordinates and approves the work schedule, informs on progress of works, gives the local population guidance on a mine risk.
Explosive Ordnance Disposal
Only specially trained and expirienced personnel is engaged in explosive ordnance disposal.
All detected UXO are disposed same day as they were detected observing all norms and safety rules.


    Demining of Explosive Ordnance Stockpiles and Storage Areas
In the process of UXO stockpiles and storage areas destruction, UKROBORONSERVICE specialists adhere to conditions of UXO identification, storage, transportation and destruction. In addition to above-mentioned methods for UXO detection and destruction, the following conditions are also observed:
• UXO storage temperature condition
• Fast change of natural conditions
• Physical influence on UXO
• Humidity effect
• Non-admission of underprepared personnel to such areas

  State Company UKROBORONSERVICE assures high quality of rendered services related to landmines and UXO clearance.