K9 Tactical Training Center


under State Company UKROBORONSERVICE

In the course of 25 years, State Company UKROBORONSERVICE has been successfully operating at the special export market. The service dog training school is a part of our Company.

Our School is equipped with an up-to-date training and methodical complex. School instructors have a deep occupational experience in the Police, Customs Authorities and in the Armed Forces.

Our capabilities enable to actively react on the needs and special requirements of the customers as regards the directions, terms and scope of service dog training.

K9 School top priority task in State Company UKROBORONSERVICE is a training and sale of the purebred, partially or totally trained sniffer dogs. At the same time, our School is capable to train the dogs by the following directions:

- Tracking Dogs;

- Patrol Dogs;

- Defense and Attack Dogs.

Methodology of service dogs and K9 team training is verified and tested during practical and training activity of the police, customs and frontier service structures. 

Constant training of the handlers and instructors enables to maintain K9 team ready for prompt usage.

K9 School Pro Team selects, purchases, and trains the dogs to detect the explosives and explosive devices.

The sniffer dogs trained in our School are certified for detection of the following explosives: TNT, RDX, HMX, PETN, ПВВ-5а (С-4 analogue), black powder, smokeless powder, and ammonia nitrate. 




K9 UOS booklet