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“Bar’er-V” helicopter antitank missile system

BAR'ER-V helicopter antitank missile system for MI-24 helicopters modernization consists of the antitank guided missile (ATGM) in a transport-launching container (TLC) and laser control channel (LCC) in an optic-aiming station (OAS-V) and is designed to destroy stationary and moving modern armoured targets with combined, carried or monolithic armour including ERA (explosive reactive armour) and also pinpoint targets like weapon emplacement, a tank in a trench, light-armoured objects and helicopters.


Maximum range, m


Guidance system

automatic by laser beam with television-thermal imaging autotracking of a target

Weight, kg:

-missile in container  



Overall dimensions, mm:

-missile caliber

-container length




Warhead type

tandem hollow-charge

Armour penetration, mm

no less than 800

ERA penetration

is assured

Target hit probability by one missile