MainРroductsNaval machinery and equipment

Small armored boat “Gurza-M”

Purpose: Designed to patrol at the border rivers, lakes, limans and bodies of water, at the  outer harbours and offshore strips of sea, and to move off from the base port no more than 50 miles.

Main technical dimensions and characteristics



 Main characteristics:

 Length, overall:

23.0 m

 Beam, overall:

4.8 m

 Draught, max:

1.0 m

 Displacement, full load:

54 t


5 days



Propulsion / Speed:


2 diesels

Max speed:

not less 25 kts


not less 900 NM at 12 kts

Sensors and Communication:

Navigation radar

Optoelectronic monitoring system

Detection sensors of laser emission

Intagrated bridge system


2 combat modules type of «Katran-M»:

 - 30 mm gun

 - 30 mm grenade launcher

 - 7.62 mm machine gun

 - ATGM “Barrier” type

- Portable SAM

- Mining facility

- Vital spaces (engine room, wheel house, ammunition stores) are made of special bullet-proof steel