Updating of 1L13 Radar ("NEBO-SV")


Composition. Radar composition, depending on completeness arrangement includes up to 2 - 3 transport units.

 Cabin of antenna-rotary device (АPU);
 Hardware cabin (АP);
 Diesel power station with two power aggregates 20 KVA (DPS cabin).

By the customer"s request, the DPS can be installed on separate chassis.

Modernization of Survey Radar NEBO-SV is a new development of AEROTECHNIKA corporation, in which there are realized all of modern technical ideas and long-term experience of corporation activity:

• It is implemented complete coherence of the station, due to what radar parameters are considerably improved;
• It is applied wide range of narrow- and wideband soundings signals, and that enabled Radar adaptation to the different terms of combat operation;
• It is realized digital treatment of the reflected signals on intermediate-frequency, including the matched filtration, jamming suppression, targets detection and measuring of coordinates, generation of routes and delivery of information to consumers;
• Apply of our own software which is repeatedly tested in operation in the most different conditions, and has confirmed its high efficiency and reliability;
• It is used only COTS spare parts from the known suppliers, and that together with the certificated quality system has provided reliability of the station.


 General view of radar solid-state transmitter

 Remote workplace ARM-V can be moved off from hardware cabin to command post up to 1,200 m. Delivery of information from BCOS to ARM-V is carried out through modem channel.

COMPARATIVE TABLE of Radar 1L13- 3 characteristics
before and after updating



Radar characteristics

Before updating

After updating





320 km

420 km


12 km

3,5 km

Dmax (RCS=1m2) forН:

100 m

27 km

29 km

500 m

60 km

75 km

1000 m

80 km

105 km

3000 m

110 km

130 km

10000 m

250 km

300 km

20000 m

320 km

420 km

Accuracy of coordinates measuring:




 1,200 m

110 m



Resolution capability:



On range

1,000 m

600 m

On azimuth

Jamming protection :



а) from active noise jamming



Operation frequency tuning


Automated with spacing  
.2 mHz

б) from passive jamming




Up to 45 dB

More than 50 dB

Operation zone of MTI system

0…360 km

0…450 km

в) от несинхронных помех

10 times

Full suppression

Mode of targets detection and tracking

auto-extraction (50 targets)

Automated detection (upto 1,000 targets) и generation of routes

Bandwidth, mHz




Tubes (endotrone,withwatercooling)


Control on range-finder
at availability of extractor)


(1 PRV)

up to 4 PRV)

Consume power

Up to 30 KW

Up to 20 KW


Switching time

3 min.

2 min.

Combat crew

6 pers.

3-5 pers.

Operation conditions

Without changes