Special Technical Support Of Air Defense


System of special and technical support
The special and technical support provides organization and implementation of measures on:
- maintenance (storage) of armament, combat and other technique, missiles, military and technical property (MTP);
- timely providing of MTP of military units and subdivisions;
- maintenance of technique and armament in good condition and permanent readiness to application;
- renewal of technique, armaments and returning them in service.

The Special and technical support is organized and carried out on the basis of the centralized, mutually agreed solution of questions:
- location and movement of the specialized technical subdivisions and depots;
- organization of supply with missiles, ammunitions, armament and technique, combustible military and technical property, implementation of all kinds of transportation;
- protection, guarding и defense, arrangement of control and communication

Missile and technical supply

Missile and technical supply
. organized and carried out for timely resupply of air defence missile subdivisions with missiles, keeping them ordered modes of readiness; timely preparation them to combat application, providing faultlessness of missile operation and safety of service personnel.

Basic measures on missile and technical supply:
- receipt and storage of missiles;
- supply of missiles to units and subdivisions;
- ensuring of safety of works with missiles during storage, transporting and preparation for application;
- evacuation and destruction of missiles;
- elimination of consequences of failures with them.

Technical support

It is organized and carried out in purposes of:
- continuous supply of subdivisions with armament, combat and other technique, military and technical property;
- rapid renewal and returning in service at refuses (damages).
It includes:
- Artillery and technical supply
- Auto and technical supply
- Engineering and technical supply
- Technical supply of communication and АСS means

Artillery and technical support includes:

The Engineering and missile supply is organized and carried out for keeping in permanent readiness to application under their purpose,
ground equipment of air defence missile complexes (stations of missile-guidance, launchers, transport and transport-loading vehicles and other equipment), supply with equipment, repair at its failure and returning in service.

The Engineering and artillery supply is organized and carried out for timely supply of subdivisions with artillery armament and equipment, ammunitions, devices and other property, also for keeping them in good condition and readiness to application by their purpose, and also for rapid returning of armament and technique in service.

The engineering and radio electronic support is organized and carried out for keeping in permanent readiness to application by purpose, of radars stations, automated control complexes and other radio-engineering and radio-electronic equipment (stations of detection and missile-guidance, points of combat control and other means), ensuring of their faultlessness and maximal efficiency, repair at failures and returning in service.

Vehicles Technical Support is organized to support vehicles in condition providing constant readiness and high-level mobility of subdivisions and to provide subdivisions with vehicles and equipment.
Technical Support of communication facilities and automatic control system is organized to keep communication facilities and automatic control system in working condition and constant readiness for operation, to repair and restore damaged communication facilities and automatic control system and to provide them to subdivisions

Main Technical Support Procedures:

- Maintenance of armament and equipment;
- Restoration of damaged armament and equipment;
- Replenishment of military equipment stores.
Armament and equipment technical support is a planned maintenance system based on the obligatory technical maintenance procedures specified in operational documentation.

Military equipment stores are replenished using the preliminary reserved stores, purchasing the required elements and assemblies, SPTA, materials as well as completing the incomplete military equipment.
Specialized Benches

Benches are equipped with the following up-to-date equipment:

- spectrum analyzers Agilent,
- HF/LF generators with high-quality pulse modulation Agilent;
- P-Series power meters, Power Meters Agilent;
- Digital oscillographs Hameg, Tektronix;
- Modified power units HAMEG;
- Multimeters;
- Soldering irons PACE;
- Tools and accessories for cables repair;
- SPTA sets.