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The multi-role mobile automatic diagnostic suite "DIANA-3"

The multi-role mobile automatic diagnostic suite DIANA-3, a development by the Center for Armaments and Military Hardware (which is affiliated with the Ukroboronservice State Enterprise), is designed to carry out performance checkout and fault-diagnostic of standard software-based elements of S-300-type surface-to-air (SAM) missile systems and other anti-aircraft weapons, and to temporary substitute for malfunctioning elements being repaired.

The automatic diagnostic suite DIANA-3 employs a dedicated hard/software-based fault-diagnostic and repair database for identifying and localizing all latent or patent deficiencies and breakdowns in a specific SAM weapon unit. The suite includes unique certified facilities enabling not only malfunctioning electronic cards to be repaired, but new cards to be made on-site to replace defective ones. Such a solution allows for reduced duration of repairs and enables improved efficiency of fault-diagnostic and repair works.

Ukroboronservice has been issued military accreditation certificate, which has the duration of fi ve years and authorized the company to perform service-life extension, maintenance and repair works on the SAM systems S-300PT/PS, S-300V1 and BUKM1, as well as associated air defense control systems and radar-based equipment.