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Antiaircraft Missile Systems S-300PT

Multi-channel Antiaircraft Missile System (AAMS) S-300PТ is designed for defensive purpose of administrative, industrial and military buildings and objects against all kind air attacks. AAMS S-300PТ is capable to defeat up-to-date and future-technology aircraft, cruise missiles, ballistic and other targets flying at speed up to 1200 m/sec in conditions of massive air attack, heavy tactic and jamming conditions. AAMS S-300PT is an all-weather system and can be operated in various climate zones.

Structurally AAMS S-300PT includes the following:
1. Illumination and guidance radar 5N63-1 (RPN);
2. Up to four launching systems where each of them includes equipment container F3 and three launchers (PU) 5P851А;
3. Low-altitude target detector (NVО) 5N66М
4. Antiaircraft guided missiles 5V55R (5V55К);
5. Technical support and power supply facilities.

AAMS S-300PT can operate independently, as well as be a part of Air Defense Missile System. In such case AAMS S-300PT operation is controlled from Combat Control Post 5К56, Command Post BAIKAL-1 via data-transmission communication.

When operating independently, AAMS detects targets by its own radar facilities: illumination and guidance radar 5N63, low-altitude target detector 5N66. Antiaircraft missile system has a short response time, high automation level of combat processing and high firing rate. System is capable to shoot six targets simultaneously aiming up to two missiles to every target at the same time.

 Main tactical and technical characteristics of  AAMS S-300PT

Defeatarealimits, km

- far range (aerial/ballistic target)

75 / 40

- near range


Target defeat altitude, km

- minimum (aerial target)


- maximum (aerial target)


Maximum speed of target, m/sec


Illumination and guidance radar scanning sector (azimuth), degree



up to6

Number of targets being fired simultaneously


Numberofmissilesbeing aimedsimultaneously

up to 12

Fire rate, sec

3 - 5

Deployment / folding-down time, hours

4,5 / 3

Number of missiles per system

up to 48

Target defeat probability:

- aerial target

0,7 – 0,94

- ballistic target

0,4 – 0,7

- cruise missile

0,4 – 0,8

Overhaul of S-300PS SAM system components and subassemblies is performed by defense actories in Ukraine, with Ukroboronservice being responsible for post-overhaul works, including system integration, overall adjustment and checkout, and also the delivery of refurbished systems to customers (the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense or foreign users). The general contractor (Ukroboronservice) also provides in-service support and on-site maintenance for the S-30PS SAM systems during a five-year period after repairs.

Illumination and guidance radar 5N63-1 (RPN) 

Purpose of High-automated multifunctional target illumination and missiles guidance radar 5N63-1 is as follows:
- Processing of target designation data received from control facilities and autonomous radars, as well as target detection (including independent target detection),
- Targets selection for first-priority firing, targets acquisition, identification friend-or-foe;
- Target illumination for missile's homing head target acquisition;
- Acquisition, tracking and simultaneous guidance of up to 12 missiles to six various targets.

Multifunctional illumination and guidance radar 5N63-1 includes the following:
- Tranceiving cabin (Container F1S);
- Command Post (Equipment container F2К).

Antenna system of Illumination and guidance radar 5N63-1 consists of phased arrays with digital control of beam direction. Antenna post (Container F1S) in addition to antenna-waveguide system includes HF transmitter and receiver with liquid cooling system and transportable on chassis FR10. Chassis construction is designed in a way to allow firing directly "on wheels", after putting antenna post on hydraulic supports. Levelling errors are processed and corrected by a special computing unit in container F1S.

Control Post of AAMS S-300PT is arranged in Equipment container F2К, transportable on tractor-trailer 5Т58 (tractor KRAZ-260 and trailer ChMZAP). Equipment container F2 includes operator posts, multiprocessor computer, target detection equipment, target acquisition and missile tracking equipment, communication and control facilities.
On site, container F2 is deployed on special basement or on supports being mounted directly on ground, or in shelter (in caponier or surrounded by banks).

Central computing system 5E266 is a principal functional unit to match operation of all radar's systems involved in aerial and jamming surveillance, issues jamming-resistant commands to anti-jamming system, provides targets search and acquisition, preparation to fire and firing itself in all conditions, including heavy jamming.

Central Computing System (CCS) applies a universal computer code which represents a single-address architecture. Computer codes consist of 18-digit numbers (1st to 17th digits are informative, 18th digit is control number) represented in binary number system.

Maximum RAM capacity is 6144 18-digit words, duration record-reading  2 µs, time for number gathering from RAM ОЗУ - 400 ns.

Maximum ROM capacity is 24576 18-digit words. Time of access to users - 2 μs, time for number gathering from - 1 μs.

Long-term storage memory capacity is 16384 18-digit words. Its main purpose is to substitute ROM for a period of program debugging.

CCS has two types of exchange with peripheral devices:
1) Channel exchange (suspending of processor running) via interrogation pulses for data record to RAM or data reading from RAM;
2) Program exchange (interruption and fall back to exchange subprogram) via exchange start pulses.

Central computing system may connect 52 users to receive data from CCS upon issue of command "Output" and 53 users to transmit data from CCS upon issue of command "Input", and 53 users that may issue single-control commands.

Data-transmission communication system provides communication with Combat Control Post or Regiment Command Post.

Application of Antenna-Mast System FL-95МА (25-meter telescopic mast on chassis ZIL-131) as a part of AAMS makes possible stable aerial targets data exchange and operational management between AAMS and Combat Control Post of Air Defense Missile System at distance over 20 km.

Interaction between all systems of AAMS (Illumination and guidance radar to Low altitude target detector, Illumination and guidance radar to Launching system) is made via cables of data-transmission communication to distance not exceeding 150 m. Connection is done between cabin F2К of and cabin F3 of Launching system.