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Air Defense Missile Systems S-300PS

Air defense weapons systems are holding a special place within the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ weapons arsenal. These weapons systems, operating in a stand-by combat duty mode, are providing the most important government buildings and industrial and military installations with robust protection and defense against air-launched threats of all types. This task is assigned to the surface-to-air missile (SAM) system of the S-300PS (NATO reporting name SA-10 GRUMBLE) type.

Target engagement range, km


maximum (aerodynamic target)


maximum (short-range ballistic missile)




Target engagement ceiling, km


minimum (aerodynamic target)


maximum (aerodynamic target)


Maximum surface-to-air missile velocity, m/s


Target velocity capability, m/s


Target detection radar scan sector in azimuth, degrees


Multiple target tracking capability, number of targets


Multiple target engagement capability, number of targets


Multiple missile guidance capability, number of targets


Rate of missile launches per second


Emplacement/displacement time, minutes


Allowance of ready-to-launch missiles


The S-300 air defense system is deployed in its various configurations and modifications with the armored forces of Ukraine and a host of other countries throughout the world. The more advanced modification S-300PMU (NATO code name SA-10C GRUMBLE), introduced in 1992 for the export market, is a little bit dissimilar from the baseline design by way of the composition of its equipment set. For maintaining the equipment and weapons inventory deployed with the Ukrainian Army’s air defense missile units combat worthy, a specialist organization, known as the Center for Armaments and Military Hardware (CAMH), was set up within the structure of the State Enterprise Ukroboronservice. The CAMH is also responsible for developing and running overhaul and upgrade programs for air defense weapons and associated equipment.

Ukroboronservice concentrates on providing the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense and also export customers with weapons and military equipment maintenance support services and further developing and improving their armaments and military hardware operation-and-maintenance networks. Ukroboroncervice is fully capable of carrying out organizational level repairs on components and subassemblies of S-300 SAM systems, including overhaul and upgrades involving service-life extensions. The CAMH has in its possession manufacturing facilities, standard as well as purpose-made, for carrying out repairs of all kinds and levels on third/fourth-generation electronic components of air defense missile weapons systems. Repairs on S-300PS SAM systems are performed using an S-300 hard/software-based repair database and more specialized software products. The CAMH’s design-engineering bureau has built up a massive collection of repair manuals on air defense weapons systems of various types. The CAMH itself has in its possession all-capable trouble-shooting/maintenance mobile stations, and its employee staff have undergone on-site training in maintenance and repairs on S-300 SAM systems. The S-300PS SAM system is capable of intercepting and destroying modern and prospective types of aircraft, cruise and ballistic missiles and other airborne targets -- flying at 1,200 m/s, at ranges up to 75 (90) kilometers and altitudes up to 25 kilometers – in multiple target and intense electromagnetic environments, and in complex tactical scenarios. The S-300PS is a weatherproof system capable of operating in a variety of climatic regions.

The S-300PS/PMU SAM system includes:

  • All-round-looking target detection radar sensor unit;
  • Multi-role target illumination and missile guidance radar;
  • Assigned self-sustained omnidirectional scanning target detection and sighting system;
  • Air defense missile launching systems;
  • Air defense missiles;
  • Missile control and guidance facilities.

Overhaul of S-300PS SAM system components and subassemblies is performed by defense actories in Ukraine, with Ukroboronservice being responsible for post-overhaul works, including system integration, overall adjustment and checkout, and also the delivery of refurbished systems to customers (the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense or foreign users). The general contractor (Ukroboronservice) also provides in-service support and on-site maintenance for the S-30PS SAM systems during a five-year period after repairs.