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Delivery of "Strela-10" Air Defence Missile System

9А34 Combat Vehicle

STRELA-10 ADMS 9А34 Combat Vehicle defeats aerodynamical targets with encounter speed up to 415 m/s (and up to 310 m/s – pursuit), at altitude from 0.025 km up to 3.5 km, and range from 0.8 up to 5 km with course parameter being up to 3 km. Provided there is target designation from control stations, and no jamming interference, target hitting probability with one anti-aircraft guided missile (AAG Missiles), for a single target maneuvering with G Force 3-5 g, no less than 0.5-0.6.

9А34 Combat Vehicle is air transportable (can be transported by Aircraft Аn-12B and Helicopter Мi-6) and capable of negotiating water obstacles. Combat Vehicle weight is 12.5 t.

9А35 Commander's Combat Vehicle is equipped with 9С16 Jamming-Protected Passive Radio Direction Finder, while 9А34 Combat Vehicle does not have this equipment on board.

AAG Missile type used - 9М37

9А34 (9А35) Combat Vehicle is equipped with 9С86 Launch Zone Assessment System automatically generating data to workout required lead angles which ensures timely missile launching.

Basic components of 9С86 Launch Zone Assessment System include Millimeter-Wave Coherent-Pulse Radar Range Finder ensuring range finding to target within 0.43 to 10.3 km (with maximum error no more than 100 m) and target range rate (with maximum error no more than 30 m/s), and Analog-Digital Computing Device determining Launch Zone limits with maximum error 300-600 m and lead angles at launching with average error 0.1-0.2 degree.

Base Chassis used is Multipurpose Armored Towing Vehicle MT-LB with load carrying capacity allowing transportation of up to eight 9М37 AAG Missiles in Container-Launchers, the half of which is allocated on Launcher guide rails, an the rest in the Chassis body.

STRELA-10 ADMS 9А34 (9А35) Combat Vehicle is equipped with Launcher Electric Drive. The Operator conducts monitoring through the armoured window within 90x120 Sector. With Launcher folded down, Combat Vehicle height does not exceed 2.2 m. Loading of Launcher with four missiles is done within three minutes.

9А35 Combat Vehicle weight is 12.35t, and 9А34 Combat Vehicle weight is 12.5 t, length – 6.93 m, width – 2.85 m.

Anti-Aircraft Guided Missile 9М37

9М37 Anti-Aircraft Guided Missile aerodynamic configuration is of canard type. 9М37 Anti-Aircraft Guided Missile uses passive self-guidance.

STRELA-10 ADMS 9М37 AAG Missile includes double-spectrum self-homing head: photoconrtasting spectrum (0.4-0.8 mcm) and infrared spectrum (3.5-5 mcm), which increases combat capabilities of ADMS at target encounter and pursuit firing, as well as under severe weather conditions and jamming. The photoconrtasting channel is used at shooting approaching targets, and as a reserve one for, as opposed to the thermal (infrared) channel it does not require cooling that can be done only during single prelaunch preparation of AAG Missile.

In order to limit missile roll turning speed, AAG Missile has wings allocated in the rear and rollerons which are separate from the wings and do not have incoming-air-flow rotated rotors common for them. Rollerons are connected with gas-dynamic rotation rotors allocated inside the missile body.

In order to increase efficiency of weapon, instead of fragments 9М37 AAG Missile is filled with rod (edged) destruction elements weighing up to 9 g and scattering with speed up to 1300 m/s. warhead explosive weight is 1.1 kg.

9М37 Missile length is 2.19 m.