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Combat Vehicle Tor 9A330

Purpose and features

9A330 combat vehicle SAM short-range Tor (9K330) is designed to combat all types of high speed, maneuverable manned and unmanned aerial targets, including precision-guided weapons, operating at extremely low, low and medium altitudes in all conditions radio and meteorological conditions night and day.

Combat Vehicle Tor 9A330 consisting of: 

  1. Station of targets detection, 
  2. Station homing 
  3. Digital computer system 
  4. Anti-aircraft missiles in the antenna-starting device, 
  5. Instrumentation systems, home automation, navigation, operational control, etc.) 

is an autonomous, single-channel to the target, firing unit, that can independently detect various types of air targets on the move and hit them with rockets at short stop in all kinds of hostilities and in different climatic and physiographic conditions.

Zone lethal area of the 9A330

at a speed of target 300 (700) m/s, limited by boundaries:

  • 1,5-12 (1,5-5) km range,
  • 0,001-6 (0,05-4) km height and
  • 6 (4) miles on exchange parameter.

The effectiveness to defeat  the targets of a SAM model, taking into accountrandom factors are:

  •  0,3-0,77 for aircraft
  • 0,5-0,88 for helicopter
  • 0,4-0,55 for remotely piloted aircraft.

Reaction time at the location of the CV in place and in motion is 

8-12 seconds

The transfer to military (stowed) position

does not exceed 3 minutes

Time of fully load of eight missiles with transport -loading vehicle is

18 minutes

CV 9A330 protected from active and passive jamming and anti-radar missiles (ALP). Effective and reliable range of electronic equipment with a high degree of automation of combat operation, provides automatic assessment of the threat from enemy aircraft, the selection of priority targets and their firing. Combat vehicle can be transported by all modes of transport, including air.

A single antenna-launcher  with a circular rotation by azimuth provides quick turn of turret with arms toward the target, capture it on the tracking of the station and guided by vertical launch missiles, thereby reducing congestion of rocket at its declination towards the goal and main engine start.

As a combat vehicle chassis used tracked vehicle GM-355 heavy-duty and off-road, with a unified anti-aircraft gun chassis missile system "Tunguska". Installed on it a V-shaped, 12-cylinder, high-speed, multi-diesel engine B-46-2C1 provides movement of the CV medium rough terrain with speed, providing continuous protection of troops from air attack in all kinds of highly-modern battlefield.

Station of targets detection 

Coherent pulse-wave band radars capable of detecting targets with probability at ranges: 0,6-0,8:

  • aircraft - 25-27 km,
  • UAV - 9-15 km,
  • helicopter on the ground with rotors - 6.7 km
  • helicopter hovering in the air - 13-20 km
  • helicopter carrying "jump" from the ground to a height of 20 m - 12 km

At a resolution of no worse than 1,5-20 azimuth, 40 elevation and 200 m range, the maximum errors in determining target coordinates do not exceed half of these values. When the STD in strong passive noise entering its coordinates into a computer can be operated manually . Suppression factor signals, clutter, in a digital channel STD is not less than 44 dB, analog - 40 dB. Protection Station of the ALP achieved through the timely detection and destruction by regular missiles.

Station guidance - coherent pulse radar of centimeter range with a little element of phased array PA and an electronically controlled beam pattern over the angular coordinates. 

The station is used for search for targets in sector up to 70 in azimuth and elevation angle, but their exact monopulse auto-tracking method for three axes with a probability of 0,5 (0,8) at a distance of 23 (20) km, providing start-up of one or two (with an interval of 4 s) and transfer its missiles targeting commands. Search purposes and sending commands to the missiles carried aboard a common transmitter station via the PA, which provides simultaneous measurement of the coordinates of the target and two induced missiles.

With the resolution of the CH not worse than one degree of angular coordinates and 100 m in range, standard errors of auto-tracking the fighter does not exceed 0.3 PDE by azimuth and elevation, 7m by range and by 30 m/s speed. 

RMS tracking errors of missiles guidance over the angular coordinates are similar to the above, and by the range - do not exceed 2.5 m. 

The station is targeting a high degree of passive and active jamming.

Digital Computer System (DCS) 

(DCS type 9S483M1 and digital high-speed special processor) used for radar data processing and generation of control signals. It provides a high level of automation of combat operation of all systems of the CV with minimum time and cost required accuracy in a simple and difficult environment.

Anti-aircraft guided missile 9M330

Single-stage solid propellant missile vertical launch, made by aerodynamic configuration "duck" with command guidance system and gas dynamic declination afterlaunch. For the targeting and destruction, the missile is equipped with autopilot, radio unit, power systems, warhead high-explosive/fragmentation type with an active radio controlled fuses and safety adapter. On the outer surface of the rocket body placed antenna radio controlled fuses and the radio unit, as well as a powder catapult device. Helms wings in transport position added (left and right console to meet each other), are disclosed and recorded after the start.  Loading missiles in the CV by transport-loading machine complex.

The launch of missile is made from a missile compartment CV, in which they are located on 4 missiles on each side of the tower. Powder catapult throws missiles up to a height of 16-21 meters at a speed of 25 m /s, where it bends towards the target of a gasdynamic system at a given angle, the magnitude and direction are entered into the autopilot missile guidance according to the station before the launch rocket. 

Solid-propellant motor is started from the declination missiles and provides its flight trajectory with a maximum speed of 850 m / s and accelerations up to 30 G . High-explosive fragmentation warhead with a slam-actuators and active adaptable radio controlled fuses hit the target with high-energy heavy-striking elements of great destructive force, formed at its undermining. 

Radio controlled fuses initiates undermining of warhead with account of speed and of altitude of target, determines the configuration of the fragmentation of the field and its direction of motion to maximize the probability of hitting a target.

When firing at targets flying at altitudes of 10-40 m, radio controlled fuses only triggered by a signal from the target. In cases where the station is aiming not seized a rocket, disrupting the processes of its normal guidance or radio controlled fuses will not work - the target missile self-destructs. 

Command guidance missiles begins with a range of 250 m and ends at the time of the meeting with target.

Weight of 9M330 SAM does not exceed 165 (14.8) kg with a total length and diameter of the shell 2898 mm and 235 mm respectively. 

Training-acting anti-aircraft guided missile 9M330UD differs from combat missile 9M330 in that all explosive components removed and replaced by the mass-dimensional models:

  1. warhead
  2. fuel charge of the propulsion system
  3. solid propellant charges turbogenerator power supply board
  4. all pyrotechnic devices

Thus, teaching and acting anti-aircraft guided missile 9M330 allows to fulfill all questions of military works, except irreversible procedures, starting the cycle.