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Charging Unit ZP-11

Charging Unit ZP-11 is designed to provide charge and discharge of accumulator battery of Manpack VHF tactical radio R-005 in the field and stationary conditions.

Gang Charging Unit ZP-11-01 is used to provide charge and discharge of several accumulator batteries of VHF tactical radio R-005.


Types of accumulator batteries:

  • nickel cadmium battery 24,0KR-33/67-5.0D with rated voltage 24V and capacity 5 A/h;
  • lithium-ion battery 28,8Li-ion-18/65-7,8A with rated voltage 28,8V and capacity 7,8 A/h;

Charging Unit Modes of Operation:

  • charge;
  • discharge – only for nickel cadmium batteries.