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Handheld VHF tactical radio R-002

Handheld VHF tactical radio R-002 is designed to provide radio communication in stationary and field conditions while direct carrying by personnel. It provides the possibility to transmit and receive voice information and digital data while operating on fixed frequencies (interference mode) and in anti-interference mode.


Handheld VHF tactical radio provides transmission and reception of:

  • voice information from telephone headset or directly from transceiver;
  • digital data with rate: 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600 bps from PC or other devices at RS – 232 interface;
  • short alphanumeric messages;
  • individual (selective), circular (group) and tone calls.

While operating on fixed frequencies, voice information is transmitted in:

  • analog form in F3 emission class, which provides connection of radio station through radio channel with radio stations of other types, older ones in particular;
  • digital form in F1 emission class.

In FHSS mode voice information is transmitted only with conversion into digital form (CVSD) in F1 emission class.

Power supply:
Power supplying is performed by accumulator battery with rated voltage 7,2 - 7,4 V.

Operating temperature range:

Overall dimensions (LWH):
76x44x192 мм.

0,9 кг.