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Field digital switchboard K-1210

Field digital switchboard K-1210 is designed to provide phone communication of subscribers equipped with LB - CB systems telephone sets in a manual mode and for PABX subscribers in an automatic mode and for control of radio in field conditions.

Field digital switchboard provides next features:

- Manual switching of subscribers using the controls on the front panel;

- Dialing number by pulse or tone dialing;

- Increasing of capacity by interconnection of the single-type switchboards.


Field digital switchboard provides connection:

- 10 two-wire field cable lines to LB or CB subscriber telephone sets(FXS);

- 2 two-wire field cable lines (FXO) to automatic voice network (PABX), including to a public telephone network.

Switchboard management can be carried out by PC either through RS-232 or through Ethernet 10/100 Base-T network and by operator through front panel.

Switchboard provides a power supply of subscriber lines with nominal voltage of 60 V, support pulse and tone dialing in CB and PABX modes.

Field cross-connecting module KP-351 is included into set of K-1210.

Power supply:

- battery unit with nominal voltage 24 V;

- onboard DC line 18 - 36 V with protection against incorrect polarity connection. Nominal voltage is DC 27 V.

Battery unit ensures continuous operation of switchboard during 24-hours.

Operating temperature: - 35°C to + 50° C;


- without battery unit 245 x 225 x 95mm;

- with battery unit     245 x 365 x 95 mm;

- weight with battery unit: 8 kg;

Operating life: not less than 20 years.


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