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Field Cross-Connecting Module KP-351


Field Cross-Connecting Module is intended for providing line connection to different communication subscriber's terminal units (phone, telegraph and so on) in fixed and field communication systems be composed of manually and automatically switched subscriber's networks.


- connection to either up to 10 of two-wire subscriber's lines or up to 5 of four-wire subscriber lines by P-274M field cables (or similar subscriber field cable) from the subscriber side and PTRK 10x2 field distribution cable from the station side.

- transit of two subscriber groups with either two-wire lines or with four two-wire lines with using of PTRK 10x2 field distribution cable from the station side and double PTRK 5x2 field distribution cables from the subscriber side.

Field Cross-Connecting Module has no built-in power-supply source and does not require connection to external supply source.

Field Cross-Connecting Module has built-in wire-stripper for stripping P-274M wires.

Connection to Field Cross-Connecting Module carried out by pushed Binding Connectors.

Cross-Connecting Module provides protection of each subscriber line against over currents, over voltages and lightning electromagnetic pulses.


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