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Mobile VHF tactical radio R-030 U

Mobile VHF tactical radio R-030U is designed to provide simplex communication in the VHF band in stationary and field conditions in Command posts and armored vehicles. Manpack VHF tactical radio R-005 U works as receiver-exciter for mobile VHF tactical radio R-030 U.

Mobile VHF tactical radio R-030 U provides transmitting and receiving both analog and digital voice and data in fixed frequency and anti-interferen-ce mode.

Anti-interference mode is intended for providing communication in rising of a jamming blackout. It provides an antijamming blackout by using Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS). The frequency tuning rate is more than 300 times per sec.

When working at fixed frequencies mode, mobile VHF tactical radio R-030U can provides communication with radiostations of old generation.

The radio station provides a stable control of the troops in the application of modern and advanced means of electronic warfare.

R-030U without further refinement can be installed instead of old generation stations (R-123 or R-173).

Optionally, the kit contains a block interface Ethernet, designed to provide operations in IP-based networks.


- Frequency range: 30... 110 MHz;

- Output power: 1; 30 W; (selectable)

- Receiver sensitivity: 0,5 mkV;

- Channel spacing: 12,5; 25 kHz;

- Communication range: 25-30 km;

- 32 pre-programmed channel.

 Operating mode:

- Single-frequency simplex and dual-frequency simplex;

- Opened phone;

- Masking phone;

- Data transmission: 1,2; 2,4; 4,8; 9,6; 16 Kbps;

- Transmission of short alphanumeric messages;

- Retransmission;

- Frequency Hopping.

 Power supply:

Power supply carried out by DC from on-board network of moving objects. Nominal voltage 27 V The radio station keeps performance at a voltage network in the range from 18to 34 V;

Operating temperature: -35°C...+55°C;

Operation life is not less 20 years;

Performance group: 1.10 UHL;

Dimensions: 428 x 222 x 180 mm;

Weight -17 kg.


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