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Field Voice Telephone TA-01


Field Voice Telephone TA-01

Field Voice Telephone TA-01 intended for supporting a telecommunication service in the subscriber network of automatic switching systems, PBX, manual switching systems, point-to-point (without switching systems) and as communication terminal in radio facilities.

Telephone intended for operation in field conditions, as well as in the stationary or moving vehicles (track-type vehicles, helicopters, ships).

Powering modes:  

    - central Battery (CB)

    - local Battery (LB).

Telephone supports Public Switched Telephone Network with Pulse and Tonal (DTMF) dialing functions. It meets the regulation's requirements that are in force. Connection is by 2-wire line (GOST 7153).


Operating mode:

- CB - Central Battery (operational power supply capability without local battery, power supplying by central-battery);

- LB - Local Battery (Battery 4,5 V);

- Controlling of radio/wireless station; Line test;

- Dialing: pulse and tone signaling, magneto ringing;

- Effective bandwidth: 0.3 - 3.4 kHz;

- Call-tone level: not less 70 dB;

- Memory: 10 telephone numbers;

- Continuous operation in transmission mode 120 hours.

Power supply:

- Local battery 4,5 V;

- Central battery 27 V;

Operating temperature: -35°C... +50°C; Weight:

- with dry-cell power - 3,0 kg

- without dry-cell power - 2,2 kg.

Dimensions: 280 x 200x100 mm;

Mean-time-between-failures is not less 10 000 hours;

Operation life is not less 20 years;

Hermetic enclosure (immersion in water up to 1 m).

Ukraine Armed Forces are armed with our equipment.