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The KrAZ В12.2МЕХ platform truck is intended for transportation of personnel and various cargoes, trailers towage including special trailers and aircraft over all kinds of roads and terrains.

The vehicle performs well in tough environmental and road conditions of all continents within the temperature range from -50 to +60°C at 5000 m above sea level, overcomes 1.0m water obstacles and 0.6m deep snow cover.

A centralized tyre inflation system ensures excellent off road capability on
low load-bearing capacity soils.

Both right-hand and left-hand drive versions are available upon customer's request . Main assemblies and aggregates can be protected with local armor.


Axle configuration


Curbweight, kg

12 700

Payload capacity, kg

12 000

Turbocharged engine

YaMZ, Cummins, Deutz

Power, hp

from 330 to 385

Topspeed, km/h


Control fuel consumption, l/100 km


Maximum climbing capacity, degrees


Turning radius, m