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KrAZ-6322-056 Master

The KrAZ-6322-056 Master workshop truck is intended for maintenance and current repair of the damaged vehicles in complicated road conditions. It is equipped with load-handling arm and other repair equipment.

The vehicle performs well in tough environmental and road conditions of all continents within the temperature range from -50 to +60°C at 5000 m above sea level, overcomes up to 1.5m water obstacles and 0.6m deep snow cover.

A centralized tyre inflation system ensures excellent off road capability on low-load-bearing capacity soils.

Both right-hand and left-hand drive versions are available upon customer's request.



Wheel arrangement


Grossweight, kg

16 100


YaMZ, Cummins, Deutz

Power, hp

from 330 to 400

Topspeed, km/h


Control fuel consumption, l/100km

up to 35

Maximum gradient, degrees