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KrAZ-5233BE Spetsnaz (Special Forces)

The KrAZ-5233BE Spetsnaz (Special Forces) high mobility tactical vehicle and its modifications are used for prompt transportation of military personnel, special forces and UN piece-keeping forces, as well as various equipment and artillery systems with caliber up to 152mm, communication systems and ECCM equipment in tough environmental and road conditions of all the continents.

The vehicle performs well within the temperature range from -50 to +60°C at 5000 m above sea level, overcomes up to 1.5m water obstacles and 0.6m deep snow cover.

A centralized tyre inflation system ensures excellent off road capability on low-load-bearing capacity soils. A winch with pulling capacity of 12 ton is provided for self-recovery and towing of various vehicles.

Both right-hand and left-hand drive versions are available upon customer's request. Main assemblies and aggregates can be protected with local armor.

Wheel arrangement


Curb weight, kg

10 700

Payload capacity, kg

6 000


YaMZ, Cummins, Deutz

Power, hp

as much as 370

Topspeed, km/h


Control fuel consumption, l/100 km


Maximum climbing ability, degrees

35 0

Maximum side slope, degrees

25 0