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KrAZ MPV Amb (Shrek One)

The KrAZ Ambulance with underbelly mine protection is intended for operation in explosion hazardous area. 


Wheel arrangement


Overall dimensions, mm

8000 x 3000 x 3200

Curb weight, kg

16 000

Steering control

Left-hand/ Right-hand drive

Seating capacity

2 crew members + 4 stretchers + 2 seats

Ballistic protection

B6+/STANAG 4569 Level 2

Window glass

Transparent multi-layer bulletproof glass. Polycarbonate inner layer

Underbelly mine protection

2 x TM57 landmines (14kg TNT) under any wheel

1 x TM 57 landmine (7kg TNT) directly under bottom 

Underbelly design


Turbocharged engine

YaMZ-238D (Euro-0)

243kW (330hp)

Cruising range

1000 km

 Ambulance Specification

4 stretcherswithrestraining straps

“F” type oxygen cylinders,  outlets at the head of stretchers to connect regulators

Ramp for patient loading, rear door opening hydraulic system

Headrest for patient safety  

3 electrical sockets on each side 

2 ALS bags


2 outside spare wheels

Heavy-duty air-conditioning system for tropical countries


VHF and HF radio system

2 x 12 V power connectors in front of the vehicle  and 4 x 12 V power connectors at the  rear may be used for telephone, GPS and other devices power supply fitted with

standard 12 V power adapters

AC-to-DC inverter 220 V to supply power for 4 computers / telephones or similar devices. Sockets are at the rear

Drawbar hitch is mounted in front and rear parts according to NATO standard