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Launch vehicle DNEPR

It is designed for spacecraft launching to circular and elliptic near Earth orbit with inclination of 65.50 deg, 87.30 deg and 98.0 deg. The launch vehicle is a three-stage type developed on base of the most powerful RS-20 (SS-18 Satan) intercontinental ballistic missile. Fuel components are: diazote tetraoxide and asymmetric dimethyl hydrazine. The LV is capable to fulfill up to 25 rocket carriers launching per year.


Launching weight (at spacecraft mass of 2 t), t


Mass of payload which is launched to circular orbit (altitude is 400 km), t


Engine thrust in vacuum, tf:


I stage


II stage


III stage (main/partial power operation mode)


Accuracy of spacecraft launching to orbit at 300 km altitude:


orbit altitude, km


orbital rotation period, s


inclination, arc min


ascending node right ascension, deg