MainРroductsAerospace equipment


Su-25 is designed for direct aviation support of the Army, destruction of small-size moving and fixed objects under conditions of visibility at the forefront in tactical and nearest operative depth.

 Main performances



Wingspan, m


Aircraft length, m


Aircraft height, m


Wing area, m2


Weight, kg

Empty aircraft


Normal takeoff


Maximum takeoff




Internal fuel, kg


Suspended fuel tanks


Type of engine

2 ТRD R-195 (R95Sh)

Traction, kN

2 х 44.13 (40.20)

Maximum speed, km/h:




At high level


Practical range, km


Combat radius capability, km: 


At high level




Practical ceiling, m


Max combat height


Max operating overload




Crew, persons



one 30-mm double-barrelled gun GSh-30-2 in lower nose part with 250 rounds.
Combat load - 4340 kg on 8(10) hanger units, normal load - 1340 kg
Bomb load: up to  8-10 х 500-,250-kg aviabombs, 32 х100-kg bombs,
Unguided missiles: 160 х S-8 (80-mm)
Guided missiles: air-to-air R-60

Two interchangeable non-afterburning turbo-jet engines R-95Sh with non-adjustable nozzle with downstream gearbox, with autonomous electric startup will be installed.

Sighting equipment:

  • Modernized sight ASP-17BTs-8М2 provides sighting while shooting, bombing and missiles launch at day time and at night time at visible ground and air targets;
  • Laser station of illumination and range-metering (Klen-PS) provides measuring of slant range to target when solving the sighting tasks and its sending to the sight, as well as to aim the guided missile with laser seeker;
  • System of audio-visual registration SAVR-25 (instead of SSh-45).

Flight and navigation equipment

The navigation system KN-23-1 is the key of flight and navigation equipment. It provides:

  • Non-stop automatic aircraft coordinates reading by autonomous means data;
  • Flight by route, entry the given target zone, return to landing airdrome, decrease by height of pre-landing maneuver, repeated approach;
  • Determination and display of main navigation and flight parameters.

Navigation system consists of:

  • IKV-1 inertial attitude and heading reference system;
  • DISS-7 Doppler ground velocity and drift angle meter;
  • Automatic radio compass providing the aircraft piloting by compass locators and broadcasting radio stations, as well as the landing under conditions of on-board system failure;
  • Air signals system displaying the real air velocity, absolute and relative barometrical height and number M of the flight to users and on indicators;
  • Radio altimeter of low heights;
  • Marker radio receiver determining the moment of aircraft flying over the marker beacon;
  • Satellite navigation system (GPS) СН-3307;
  • Course-93М on-board integrated navigation and landing equipment (provides flights using the radio beacons VOR, allows to approach by signals of radio beacon system ILS);
  • Small-size airborne range finder MSD-2000 (to measure and indicate the slant range to ground-based beacons DME).

Radio technical equipment

Provides radio communication with ground objects and aircrafts in the whole altitude and range envelope.

Radio technical equipment consists of:

  • R-862 communication radio station upgraded to use the comm. channels with step 8.33kHz is designed for telephone radio communication in meter and decimetre wave range between the aircrafts and ground objects;
  • Radio station for communication with the army with frequency spectrum stipulated by the customer that provides radio telephone communication with control points and separate moving objects of the army;
  • A-511 airborne transponder instead of SО-69 designed for operation with secondary radar systems ATS RBS in modes А and AC according to ICAO requirements.

Aircraft defence means warn the pilot about aircraft exposure to radiation from ground radars of AAMSs and enemy’s fighters, radar bearing under different modes of irradiation, active jamming of weapon control radars, infrared jamming of missiles with heat-emitting homing heads.

Also during the overhaul, the BUR-4-1-10 digital flight data registration system will be installed instead of Теster-UZ.