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General means of ground support



Air field electric motor-generator is intended for supply of aircraft consuming items with direct and alternating curren



It is intended for refuelling of aircraft oxygen system with medical oxygen. The station allows refuelling of transport bulbs and different systems to pressure up to 150 kgf/сm2, refuelling of low-pressure bulbs through reducer to pressure 30 kgf/сm2. It is possible use of the station for refuelling with nitrogen.



Aircraft mobile aggregate of type АPА-5Д is intended for power supply of aircraft onboard equipment and apparatus during their maintenance on ground, and for electric starting of aircraft engines as well. It is produced for domestic and export supplies.




АPА-80 is intended for single and group electric starting of aircraft engines, and power supply of onboard electrical equipment on ground with voltage 208V and 36V / 400Hz of alternating three-phase current, and voltage 120V / 400Hz of alternating mono-phase current, and 28.5V of direct-current. It can operate at the temperature of surrounding air from -50 to +50°C, and humidity up to 98% on height of above sea level up to 3,000 m. The aggregate has the following operation modes: in DC system - "24V", "Start 24/48V", "Start of ШРА-250 M"; in AC system - "208V", "120V".

Tank lorry (АЦ)



It is intended for transportation and temporal storage of light oil products. It can be used as refueller. 



 Air fueller VZ-20-350 is intended for refuelling of pneumatic systems, shock absorbing bars of undercarriage and wheel tyres of aircraft by bypass method. 



It is intended for refuelling of pneumatic systems, shock absorbing bars of undercarriage and wheel tyres of aircraft by bypass method.

ZSZh (ЗСЖ)-66


 ЗСЖ-66 is intended for aircraft refuelling by open and closed methods by synthetic and mineral oils, oil-mixtures, hydraulic liquids and starting fuel (petrol). It can carry out the same functions as MZ-66 can, except oil heating.



 ТZ-22 is intended for transportation of the filtered fuel and mechanized refuelling by it aircraft by open and closed method. 



Refueller ТZА-7.5-5334 is intended for mechanical refuelling of aircraft with aircraft fuel by closed and open methods on the air fields with hard-surface, at ambient temperature from -40 up to +50°C. 



Multi-purpose gas refuelling station UGZS-M on ZIL-433422.

UGZS-M is intended for refuelling of aircraft systems and other consumers with special nitrogen, air or medical oxygen (depending on performance option) with pressure up to 350 kgf/сm2.

Vehicle modifications:

  • UGZS-M-AR - for refuelling with nitrogen.
  • UGZS-VR - for refuelling with air
  • UGZS-KR - for refuelling with oxygen.



Mobile compatible compressor station UKS-400 is intended for filling of aircraft bulbs and systems with compressed and dry air to pressure 400 kgf/сm2. There is possibility to select a different pressure: 150, 230, 350, 400 kgf/сm2.



UPG-300 is intended for verification of aircraft hydraulic systems on ground. With its help, it is carried out supply of liquid in aircraft hydraulic systems with required pressure and supply, checking for tightness and pressure testing of aircraft aggregates and hydraulic systems hydraulic installations, refuelling of aircraft with operating liquid, supply of nitrogen (air) for creation of extra-pressure in hydraulic tanks of aircraft and hydraulic installations, refuelling of pneumatic aggregates with nitrogen, checking of aggregates of aircraft hydraulic systems on serviceability, supply of aggregates with current, which are related to operation of hydraulic systems of aircraft and hydraulic installations. A vehicle can operate ambient temperature ±45°C.