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MI-24 Simulator

1. Purpose of aviation training system (АОSV-24АМ)

Practical training of flying personnel during mastering MI-24 helicopter and improvement of their flight skills.

АОSV-24АМ provides modeling (simulation) of:

  • Operation of power installation on ground and during flight;
  • Operation of aircraft systems and equipment, except oxygen equipment, neutral gas system, air conditioning system, transport-landing equipment, работы систем и оборудования вертолёта, за исключением: кислородного оборудования; roentgenmeter;
  • Helicopter movement on ground;
  • Flight dynamic of helicopter in all range of altitudes and speeds, in all flight modes;
  • Service behavior of helicopter at rolling and running during take-off and landing, and in flight depending on speed and direction of wind;
  • Real stroke of helicopter controls and force on them in all range of altitudes and speeds, in all flight modes;
  • Weather conditions, corresponding to flight mission;
  • Corresponding visual situation at taxiing and during flights at all kinds (elements) of flight training;
  • Acoustic following of operation of power installation, helicopter systems and equipment, movement of helicopter on ground, one-shot events.

 2. Composition of АОSV-24АМ

АОSV-24АМ composed of three modules:

  • Crew cabin module;
  • Screen complex;
  • Module of instructor and operator;
  • Playing up module.

Fig. 1. General view.

  1. Crew cabin module
  2. Instructor and operator module
  3. Playing up module

3. Crew cabin module

It consists of:

  • Mock-up crew cabin;
  • Platform.

Mock-up crew cabin represents reproduction of MI-24 crew cabins, mounted on platform. External and internal dimensions of crew cabins, their interior correspond to real MI-24 crew cabins.

Flight and engine controls of helicopter by dimensions and stroke correspond in full to real helicopter controls. Force on handles of transverse-longitudinal control and on treadles corresponds to real force on all stages and flight modes. Forces on step-gas levers at their shifting correspond to real forces.

Acoustic noise simulator provides reproduction of standing noises (movement on taxiing track and runway, operation of helicopter engines, systems and equipment), and acoustic following of one-shot events (weapon apply, descent on dangerous altitude, folding and extending of landing gear).

4. Screen complex

Screen complex of projecting type is intended for displaying of situation outside of cabin.

Screen complex consists of screen composed of frame and curtain; projector and girder.

Screen complex provides:

  • Projecting of the outside cabin situation on screen with pilot angular field of view not less than 2100 horizontal and not less than 600 vertical;
  • Displaying of earth surface of specified flight area with size of not less than 400 х 400 km on basis of photographic information about flight area with displaying of current area image during all of flight time;
  • Realistic displaying of flight area profile on basis of height map.

5. Instructor workstation

  1. Panel board
  2. Sensor panel
  3. Keyboard
  4. Technologic display
  5. Printer
  6. Management and control board
  7. Information display
  8. Visualization diaplay
  9. Display of flight area map
  10. Control panel

6. Playing up module

It is intended for carrying out of flights as leading in aircraft couple.

Playing up module is composed of:

Fig. 5. Playing up module.

  1. Chair
  2. Panel board
  3. Helicopter and engine controls
  4. Visualization display
  5. Control board
  6. System cabinet
  7. Base