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The helicopter is used to increase the firepower and mobility of land force troops, tactical landing, as well as for defeat of opponent armor by guided missiles “Shturm”, and other objects and personnel by unguided missiles, rifle and bombing armament.




Diameter of the main rotor, m


Diameter antitorque rotor, m


Length, m


Height, m


Wing span, m


Weight, kg




  Normal takeoff


  Maximum takeoff


 Inner fuel, kg

  1500 + optional 1000

Petrol tank

  1200 (4 х 500 l)

Type of engine

  2 turbo motors TV3-117

Power, hp

  2 х 2225

Maximum speed, km/h


Cruising speed, km/h


Ferry range, km


Combat range, km


Practical limit, m


Static limit, m


Crew, per


Pay load:

 Up to 8 soldiers or 4 stretchers  or 1500 kg of cargo (maximum - 2400 kg) or 2000 kg on suspension.


Helicopter armament consists of a built-in and overhead one. The first is the systemSPSV-24, which base is quadruple 12,7-mm machine gun YakB-12, 7 (9-A-624) rate of 4000-5000 rounds / min with 1470 cartridge ammunition. Operator controls the gun with the help of sighting station KPS-53AV-with collimator sight KS-53. On the handles of sight transference there are duplicative gun triggers. Simultaneously, KS-53 can be used for bombing.

A pendant arm is divided into unguided and guided. Unguided includes: NAR S-8 with a caliber of 80 mm placed in the block B-8V20A with 20 missiles each. Pilot makes NAR shooting a with collimator sight ASP-17B, which can be used for bombing and shooting of a machine- gun at fixing it along a helicopter.

The helicopter can take up to 4 bombs caliber 50, 100 or 250 kg. On inner pylons possible suspension of two FAB-500 bombs or incendiary tanks ZB-500, or containers KMGU-2 with cluster munitions. Possible combination of bombs and blocks of NAR (the NAR - only on internal pylons).

Weapons complex of helicopter provides the possibility of application up to 8 PTUR 9M114 antitank complex 9K113 "Shturm" (missiles not included). They can be placed on launchers devices installed in pairs under each wing tips, as well as on external pylons. Shooting is performed by aiming the optical set "Raduga-Sh" and radio link management command in the semi-automatic mode. PTUR sight ocular is located on the starboard side of the operator’s cockpit. Launch range 9M114 - 5000 m.

Basic equipment

 Radio communication equipment is designed for connection with the ground inside the helicopter. Consisting of a receiver UKV radio stations KH-165A, UKV Radio stations R-860-1 and R-863, KV Radio "Karat-M24", as well as UKV radio stations R-828 "Evcalipt-M24", which serves to communicate with land troops and crews of armored vehicles. Internal communication is supported by a device SPU-8. The pilots have individual rescue station R-855UM.

The flight-navigation equipment enables to fly on instruments by day, night and adverse weather conditions. It includes: Doppler velocity meter and the demolition of DISS-15D, radio compass ARK-15M, ARK-U2 with receiver R-852 and the radio altimeter RV-5 complex NAV / COMM KH-165A, Antenna CI-121 and CI-205-3 , glide-slope localized indicator works with receivers VOR / ILS KI-206, electronic telemeter DME KN-63, remote control DME KDI-572, Antenna DME KA-61, a satellite navigation system GDV-360. Cockpit is equipped with the necessary composition of devices (speed indicator US-450 K, altimeter VD-10K, variometer VAR-30MK, compass K-13K, clock AChS-1, artificial horizon PKP-72M, pitch and roll pointer UKT-2, an indicator of the course RMI- 2).

Special equipment consists of devices jamming missiles with infrared guidance head: L-166V-11E, mounted on top of the middle part of the fuselage behind the VSU compartment and blocks ASO-2B, placed or on the keel beam, or on the sides of the middle part of the fuselage behind the wing.