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IRCM station «Adros» KT-01AVE

IRCM station «Adros» KT-01AVE is intended for active protection of helicopters against guided missiles equipped with infrared homing heads. The majority of known such stations suppress, basically, infrared homing heads with amplitude-phase modulation (APM). Its interfering signal must excess a signal from the helicopter’s engines in 1,5÷2 times, and in some cases up to 20 times. The station «Adros» KT-01AVE is capable to suppress infrared homing heads with heightened noise immunity for other types of modulation: frequency-phase modulation (FPM) and pulse-length modulation (PLM). This allows of full lock-on failure for such guided missiles, as "Stinger", "Igla", "Igla-1", R-60М, R-73, "Sidewinder" and other.

IRCM «Adros» KT-01AVE station does not require considerable excess of interfering signal energy over the signal from the helicopter’s engines, as it is necessary for other stations.

We applied new method of optical-electronic suppression and new modulator design with electronic control on the basis of programmed processors (DSP). Patents protect all novelties. For the protection efficiency improvement special screens and engine exhaust shields are used with station to provide decrease of helicopter thermal visibility.
IRCM station «Adros» KT-01AVE is designed for installing on Mi-24, Mi-8, Mi-17 helicopters and their modifications, but can be also installed on other helicopters after additional works provided by company specialists.
IRCM station «Adros» KT-01AVE passed all official tests. It is adopted by Ukrainian Armed Forces and is exported to other countries.