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Aerodynamic guidance section «Adros» BAU-01K

«Adros» BAU-01K aerodynamic guidance section is used to increase the effectiveness of aviation bombs combat application against stationary and low-dimension targets. It is designed for bombs of 200 lb (~100 kg), 500 lb (~250 kg) and 1000 lb (~500 kg) caliber.


1.Bomb hit accuracy increasing

2.Fast conversion of conventional bombs to correction

3.Planes/Flights/Bombs reduction for stationary low-dimension targets hitting

4.Platform (base) for different guidance systems


1.Application on either 200, 500 and 1000 lb bombs

2.Combined guidance system (GPS + inertial)

3.Two pairs of control surfaces (canards) for bomb flight control on calculated trajectory movement

4.Possibility for other types of guidance system use (TV(CCD), IIR, inertial, etc.)

5.Target hitting accuracy is comparable with value for specialized correction aviation bombs


  • Applicable altitude - from 500 to 6000 m
  • Readiness time - not more than 3 s
  • Guidance system onboard continuous working time - 4 hours

In case of «Adros» BAU-01K application the target defeat probability grows 1,5 to 3 times and munitions (bombs) rate drops 6 to 30 times depends on target type.

«Adros» BAU-01K and conventional bombs combination allows to reach effectiveness comparable with value for special aviation correction bomb of KAB-500L.