Perspective implementations

Prolongation of technical aptitude terms of anti-aircraft guided missile 5V27

State Enterprise “Ukroboronservice” has a work experience in extension of service and technical suitability (resource) anti-aircraft guided missiles (SAM) produced in the former Soviet Union and offers to carry out the complex of works on life extension of anti-aircraft guided missiles 5V27D to anti-aircraft guided missiles Pechora. 

Prolongation of technical aptitude of missiles includes handling of work package of the component parts of product 5V27:

- conditions and characteristics of the powder charging of propulsion systems - special chemical materials;

- conditions and characteristics of board avionics.

Options for extension of technical aptitude:

1. for a period determined by the results of physicochemical, flaw, fire testing of propulsion systems and studies of the elements reliability of the on-board equipment of missiles according to the years of production and operating conditions;

2. with the replacement of solid propellant charges (if necessary with the restoration of thermal protection of the combustion chambers of engines), also according to the results of the reliability researches over the avionics elements of missiles according to the years of production and operating conditions.

Comprehensive testing and repair of park anti-aircraft guided missiles 5V27 for extension of technical suitability includes:

  • degreasing, assembly, integrated testing of all anti-aircraft guided missiles by Contractor’s specialists and failure analysis of on-board equipment nodes (a set of statistics);
  • forming of replacement list for defective on-board equipment nodes;
  • providing by the Customer or delivery by the Contractor the necessary spare parts for repair;
  • repair of on-board equipment of defective missiles is carried out by experts of Contractor;

During the extension of technical aptitude carried out tests of critical avionics nodes missiles of anti-aircraft guided missiles.

Firing tests (burn) of anti-aircraft guided missiles 5V27 engines at a special measuring bench and measuring of their characteristics.

Issue of a Conclusion about the extension of technical aptitude term. 
During working on extension of service and technical aptitude of anti-aircraft guided missiles5V27 with replacement of powder charges and pyrotechnic devices. (Second edition)
Additionally are carried out:
- delivery to the Customer in an agreed number of new propellant charges for missile engines and pyrotechnic devices.
- Installation of new propellant charges and pyrotechnic devices in the missiles for shooting tests.
- Assembling and comprehensive testing of missiles. 
- Conduct of (according to the Customer request) shooting tests of an experimental batch of anti-aircraft guided missiles 5V27 with new charges of propulsion and pyrotechnic devices at the Customer’s territory. 

- Issue of a Conclusion on the extension of the technical aptitude term.