Perspective implementations

New anti-aircraft guided missile for multichannel air defense missile system of medium-range

Anti-aircraft guided missile (SAM) is designed to destroy aircrafts and helicopters of all types, unmanned aircrafts and cruise missiles of medium range, during the night and day, in simple and adverse weather conditions, from any direction, within the active information, firing and maneuvering enemy countermeasures.

Two-stage anti-aircraft guided missiles (booster and sustainer). Propulsion system of two stages - propulsion of solid fuel Sustainer is made under normal aerodynamic scheme.

Control method - combined:

1-st stage of development: Command remote control at the initial and middle areas of the trajectory and the active homing on the final area of trajectory;
2-nd stage of development: the inertial guidance with radio amendment on the initial and middle areas of the trajectory and the active homing on the final area of trajectory.

Command control radio link, radio amendment line of information coordination about the target is provided by multi-functional radar. Self-homing on the final trajectory area is provided by an active millimeter homing head. At the meeting point is implemented passive thermal operation of the GSN.

Specifications of air defense missile system


ТТХ significance

Maximum speed of the targeted goals:

   - toward, m/sec

   - in pursuit, m/sec


Up to 1000

Up to 800

Defeat zone

  The minimum height of target defeat , km


  The maximum height of target defeat, km


  Range to the nearby border of defeat zone, km


  Maximum slant range to the long distance border of the defeated zone, km



  • Prolongation of technical aptitude terms of anti-aircraft guided missile 5V27

    State Enterprise “Ukroboronservice” has a work experience in extension of service and technical suitability (resource) anti-aircraft guided missiles (SAM) produced in the former Soviet Union and offers to carry out the complex of works on life extension of anti-aircraft guided missiles 5V27D to anti-aircraft guided missiles Pechora.