1. Export, import and sales of military goods at domestic and international market.
  2. Design, manufacture, sale, purchase, repair, modernization, and disposal of weapons, military equipment, weapons and ammunition for it. 
  3. Organization and holding of the activities of humanitarian demining in Ukraine and outside it.
  4. Testing and certification of all kinds of weapons, military equipment and ammunition.
  5. The implementation of military property.
  6. Disposal of all known types of ammunition, missiles, fuel products and special chemicals.
  7. The production, testing of ground components of space infrastructure.
  8. Scientific and technological activities, including research and development activities.
  9. Design, installation, execution of internal and external engineering networks and systems.
  10. Manufacture and repair of firearms not for military purposes.
  11. Organization of training and retraining (in-plant training) of foreign military experts.

State Enterprise “Ukroboronservice” has an effective program of weapons and equipment modernization manufactured in the former USSR, with the participation of enterprises from the Ministry of Defence to increase their efficiency level of existing models. Highly skilled personnel, unique equipment, extensive experience in performing various types of repair of weapons and military technology allows SE “Ukroboronservice” to conduct a fruitful and mutually beneficial cooperation with many countries. In addition to traditional forms and methods of military-technical cooperation, experts of SE “Ukroboronservice” are able to assess the technical state of weapons and equipment and carry out repairs and upgrades on certain topics, both in stationary workshops, and in places of deployment.

Using a well established network of military and special educational institutions of Ukraine, State Enterprise “Ukroboronservice” offers education and training (skills development) of foreign military experts in the interests of the customer of all kinds and types of troops.

Military educational institutions of Ukraine have modern training facilities, highly qualified teaching staff and many years of experience in training military specialists for all kinds and types of troops.