Upgrade of Su-25 and Su-25UB aircrafts

Upgrade of Su-25 and Su-25UB aircrafts


The main purpose of upgrade is:

- Increase of accuracy for usage of aviation destruction means;

- Enlargement of aircraft combat possibilities (implementation of navigated bombardment mode);

- Improvement of navigation tasks’ solution accuracy;

- Reconnaissance and memorizing of geographical location of operative targets;

- Providing of control signals into automatic control system from CH-3307 system when flying by route and in RETURN mode;

- Enlargement of Registration List for equipment parameters with the purpose of evaluation of equipment correctness and workability;

- Automated processing of flight data according to information from TESTER system;

- Data display (from upgraded systems) on devices КПП and ПНП (НПП). 

The following should be performed during upgrade:


  -   Sight АСП-17БЦ (АСП-17БЦ-8) with Sight АСП-17БЦ-8М1 (АСП-17БЦ-М1);

Installation of new equipment:

 -  Satellite navigation system СН-3307;

 -  Light-sized parameters counter МВП-1-1В;

 -  Parameters input console ПВП;

 -  Digital parameters registration block БРЦП.

 Upgrade of Analog Transmission System (АСП):

 - Replacement of analog counter with digital one;

 - Implementation of modern algorithms for sighting and ammunition characteristics input;               

 - Enlargement of nomenclature for ammunition to be used;

 - Improvement of sighting accuracy for missile-gun armaments on 30%;  

- Enlargement of aviation bombs dropping altitude from 2000 m till 5000m, and decrease of error of no-wing actual range from 125 m till 25 m;

- Implementation in АСП-17 of data complex processing mode from СН, МВП, КН-23;

- Implementation of navigated bombardment mode for earlier surveyed target;

- Integration of АСП-17 with СН and МВП for usage of navigation data about W, drift angle, heading, altitude, location coordinates, vertical velocity with the purpose of accuracy increase and reliability in operation of Sight in case of errors in В-144, ДИСС-7М, СВС.

Accuracy of aviation bombs dropping in NAVIGATION mode: not less than 100 m.