Modernization of helicopters Mi-24, Mi-25 and Mi-35

New structural decisions obtained in the course of the modernization program of these helicopters permit:
- to pilot, search and attack small ground moving and stationary targets at any time under any weather conditions;
- solve the problem of navigation using digital maps of terrain elevation area and the information received from a satellite navigation system;
- improve the survivability of the helicopter during the attack of antiaircraft missile complex or missiles with IR guidance;
- planning of the combat task by using PVM;
- to increase the combat effectiveness of the helicopter through the use of new anti-tank missile system and guided guns with target designation.


Missile "Baryer" - is radio-controlled intermediate-range missile. The helicopter can carry from 4 to 8 ATGM.

Pointing is carried by a laser beam directed toward the goal of the main channel of the laser sight set on the gyro-stabilized platform.

 Pylon and launcher of the missile "Baryer" 

Container of the missile "Baryer"

The missile " Baryer"


The 20-mm gun turret with a dual supply installed in the nose of the helicopter under the main gun. An independent hydraulically driven turret allows the use of 20-mm projectiles and controlled by the helmet of targeting. Gun mount includes boxes of ammunition on both sides of the helicopter, up to 400 of ammunition each. (There can be 800 projectiles in each).


Turret gun system                                 Control panel of the gun


Containers for ammunition                                  Chute supply

Helmet-mounted target designation system performs the following functions:

- Provides the presence of impact markers during the day, as well as at night.
- Provides continuous tracking so that the gun barrel rotates with the head of a crew member managing a gun at the moment.
-Communication via built-in headset and microphone.
- Head protection of a crewman.
-Dark visor for sun protection
-Night Vision


Optronic sighting head of a pilot is installed at his main instrument panel. Displayed on the sighting head symbols allow pilot to fly, navigate and fire the ballistic weapons during the day and night. The pilot makes accurate missile launching and bombing.


Optoelectronic system for search and target detection

The stabilized platform has 3 channels (television camera, thermal imager, a laser distance meter, flight control laser beam projector ATGM)

Station of optoelectronic neutralization «ADROS» KT-01АV/AVE

Purpose: Active protection of helicopters from anti-aircraft missile system such as "Stinger" and guided missiles with infrared homing "Sidewinder" and similar to them.