AAMC “KVADRAT” (SAM – 6 GAINFUL) overhaul and modernization


In present conditions of technologies fast development there is a possibility for multiple increase of combat effectiveness of any old-type Air Defense Missile System (ADMS) with much less expense than during buying of new examples with comparable characteristics.

During modernization of AAMC 2К12М1 "Kvadrat-М1" up to level AAMC "Kvadrat-2D" it will be solved the following problems:

  1. Increase of operation terms of the modernized systems for the term of not less than 15 years.
  2. Replacement of the analog radio-electronic equipment to digital one: 
    - in SURN 1С91М1 – up to 80%, 
    - in SPU 2П25М1 – up to 70%.
  3. Increase of mean time between failures of the modernized radio-electronic equipment – up to 1,500 hours.
  4. Increase of combat capabilities of a complex (increase of noise protection, automation of processes of air targets detection, targets designation, etc.).
  5. Simplification of technical operation (reduction of maintenance scope, increase of repair ability).
  6. Reducing of SPTA quantity and nomenclature on 70%

ADMS “Kwadrat”-2D Main Tactical Requirements:

Quantity of target channels – 1

Quantity of missile channels– 12 (1-3)

Maximum detection range (of MiG-29 type):

  • On altitude of 7 km - not less than 100 km;
  • On altitude of 0,02 km - not less than 28 km;

Maximum velocity of target to be hit :

  • Towards the target - 600 м/с;
  • In pursuit of the target - 300 м/с;

Damage area:

  • Minimum altitude – 0,02 km;
  • Maximum altitude – 14 km;
  • Nearest zone – 3.5 km;
  • Maximum slant range – 24.5 km;
  • Maximum course parameter – 18 km;

Existing of thermal imaging channel – yes

Targets detection and tracking with effective reflective surface 0.1m2

Automated target tracking by thermal imaging and optical channels,

Restoration of operational lifetime – up to 15 years;

Reliability increase (replacement of 80-90% of element base) – up to 1500 hours of mean time before failure;

Signals digital processing;

Satellite navigation system for topographical positioning – Yes;

Radar data receiving from Radar with digital data output – Yes;

Automated control with Commanding Post – Yes;

Documenting of combat work – Yes;

Means for imitation of air situation – Yes;

Means for complex and autonomous technical control – Yes;

Means for off-line power supply – Yes;

Standardized module configuration, reparability – Yes

Upgrade of Reconnaissance Radar 1S11М1

The following units shall be upgraded:

  • receiving system;
  • moving target selection system;
  • indication system;
  • synchronization system;
  • ventilation system;
  • reducer of unit 1М1 rotation;
  • target designating system;
  • cable system.

and overhauled:

  • antenna waive guide system;
  • transmitting system.

Working positions (WP) of commander and reconnaissance operator have the following functions:


Receiving and processing of track information from surveillance radar of P-18МА, P-180, P-19МА, P-190 type, from command post of “Module” type produced by “Aerotechnika-MLT”, and also from radars and height finders (equipped with extractors)

Target designation to WP of guidance operator, targets distribution (creation of priority [by degree of danger] for air targets firing as a recommendation for AAMC commander)

Displaying of information concerning air situation in accordance with data coming from higher level command post or from nearest radar data source, displaying of data concerning the combat area (location of troops and objects to be covered, aviation routes etc.);

Secondary processing of radar information (automatic detection and tracking of air targets by processing means)

Upgrade of Guiding Radar 1S31М1

The following units shall be upgraded:

  • receiving system;
  • moving target selection system;
  • antenna control system;
  • television optical sight;
  • range  system;power and instrument reducers;
  • indication system;
  • synchronization system;
  • ventilation system;
  • cabling system.

 and overhauled:

  • antenna waive guide system;
  • transmitting system;
  • illumination system.

Guiding Radar 1S31М1

Workstation of Guiding Radar operator has the following functions:

  • Analog-digital conversion of target channel signals, filtering of these signals;
  • Digital moving targets selection;
  • Compensation of asynchronous interferences;
  • Tuning of transmitter and receiver frequency for protection against active interference;
  • Manual and automatic adjustment of receiving paths amplifying;
  • Manual, semi-automatic and automatic target tracking in radar channel;
  • Manual, semi-automatic and automatic target tracking in thermal imaging and electro-optical channels;
  • Control devices testing;
  • Displaying of thermal imaging and electro-optical channels on а separate monitor;

Self-propelled Launcher 2P25-2D

During self-propelled launcher upgrade, azimuth and elevation drives shall be replaced by integrated servo-drive system, and shall be developed intelligent system of missiles preparation and launch control.

SURN 1S91-2D, SPU 2P25-2D

Integration into SURN 1S91-2D, SPU 2P25-2D of satellite GPS system and digital magnetic compass for topographic positioning of compass elements.