Updating of Light Front-Line Fighter MIG-29


The Ukroboronservice State Company has a big experience in arrangement of execution of modernization of aircraft MIG-29 type at the enterprises of Ukraine.
Modernization of aircraft can be carried out both during of overhaul, and during their operation as well (depending on modernization kind).

Basic directions.

1. Improvement of tactical and technical characteristics of radar aiming complex Н019 through increase of range of air targets detection by 20% due to development of new units of signals generation and processing.
2. Upgrading of functional capabilities and improvement of accuracy characteristics of aircraft navigational system due to installation of the satellite navigation system СН-3307-01 and its integrations with the regular aircraft navigation complex. 
The regular aircraft navigation system has errors in positioning 200 - 3700 m depending on distance to beacon. СН-3307-01,according to results of flight tests, has error 4-10 m. the regular aircraft navigation system (А-323) is used as reserve, and during modernization it is not dismantled. For operative store of the detected targets coordinates, it is realized the mode "Navigation connection" with further preparing for attack with use of bombing or unguided missile weapon.
3. Completion of the data-managing field of cabin due to installation of indication unit and control panel of the system of satellite navigation СН- 3307-01.
4. Improvement and replacement of onboard and ground means of control and registration of flight parameters due to the use of: 
- modernized units BPK-88 series 3КМ with solid-state stores;
- modernized system EKRAN-13М-4 with electronic indicator and removable flash-memory.
5. Replacement of complex of ground means for flight information processing instead of LUCH-71, 74, MAYAK 85 in composition: 
- unit of information rewriting BPI with the solid-state store of type BR-4ТL- 01;
- mobile complex of operative control BERKUT with the personal working place and software for processing of objective control materials SОК-B;
- panel of engineering support PIP-29.
6. Replacement of aircraft responder СО- 69 of the air-traffic control system by the aircraft responder of type А-511 with A, AC operation modes, which meet the ICAO requirements.
7. Improvement of airborne VHF radio stations R-862 to meet the ICAO (floating frequency spectrum 8.33/25 KHz).

Onboard generalized system of built-in control and crew warning EKRAN-14М- 2


Panel of engineering support PIP-29

Updated unit of limit commands BPK-88 SERIES 3КМ

Updated airborne system of flight data registration ТESTER UZ-L-01